Photobooth Backdrops & Templates

Kia Ora!! Below is some information relating to: the online gallery, the photo templates, and the backdrop options that are included in our Print booth bookings. The layout of both the template for our print and digital booth vary. The print booth takes 3 photos an the social light takes one (but offers a bunch of other stuff). However, we can alter each of the design examples from below to suit all of our Booths.

For the Classic Mint & Wild Edge Print Booths

The online gallery contains the following digital files; The photo strip, each individual image and a gif made up of the photos showing on the strip. The gallery is password protected and only given via email to the booking client.

For The Social Light Digital Only Booths

The Template and final images will appear differently for the Social light digital photobooth, yet you can make the choices of which template design and which backdrop you would like from the list below. Please see the Social Light Product info and gallery for examples of the Social Light template.

Example of the Photo Printout.
Each printout is cut down the middle vertically and produces two copies each time a photobooth session is run.
Example of the Individual Photos taken during a session. You receive a digital copy of each
Example of the Gif. Each gif. is made up of the three photos taken in a photobooth session.


Please choose a backdrop for your photobooth booking

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